The Doctor

A strange and fast talking space traveler.


He rescued the crew from the cyber man facility located under the city on Quarak. He seemed to know the PCs despite having never met them and called them all by name. He travels in a strange blue box that is bigger on the inside. He claimed to be from outside the PC’s galaxy and was here trying to stop a race of beings he called “Daleks”. He gave the PCs mysterious colored artifacts, but before he had a chance to explain anything a fleet of “Time Lord” ships came out of no where and attacked the Dalek ships. The Doctor then exchanged heated words with someone called “The Commander” before telling the PCs to quickly return to their ship. He then saved them from what he called a “reality bomb”. The PCs woke up on their ship in a hanger on the planet Quarak. None of the damage from the battle could be found and the cyber facility was gone without a trace. When the PCs got back to Travnin Mckellan had no memory of sending them there in the first place.


The Doctor

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