Hot Tubs and Bounty Hunters

Imperial meetings and a grand party

Last time: Our group of ambitious free traders enjoyed a fun night in the local bar “The Grand Design”. They were the heroes of the hour as news of their recent efforts to rally together a group of trade ships and fight off a pirate raid, had reached the planet of Travnin. After a long night they began the next day by looking for new work. The only offers they got seemed odd at best: to shuttle a traveling circus around the sector from show to show, or go to a party on the planet Elliad. The characters would be expected to simply be themselves and add to the “atmosphere” of a tramp freighter themed ball for the local nobles. They met Duke Atradies and were allowed to spend the night in his luxurious mansion. The next day the party was going well and the group even met a smuggler named Gavin Stroud who was willing to set them up with job. Things quickly went south when a group of bounty hunter showed up. A firefight ensued. Arli was captured and taken to one of the hunters ship parked on the south side of the estate. Clint and Sitara, got separated from Vashna. Clint and Sitara were assisted by the meek Basil Witworth and were eventually able to locate the bounty hunters ships. They turned the tables and attacked the bounty hunters. The two of them were able to rescue the incapacitated Arli and steal one of the bounty hunters ship. They found this message aboard

Meanwhile Vashna helped the Duke get to safety, and left quite and impression. Vashna was later questioned by Imperial forces before being let go at the demand of Duke Atradies.

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