Squatcha the Hutt

Squatch is a crime lord who lives on Nal Hutta. He is the loan shark the players used to aquire the money for thier ship, the Turtle Hawk.




Squatcha is known to be cruel even for a Hutt. He has set up a fairly successful criminal empire built mainly on gambling and sports entertainment. He owns casinos on several different worlds and also a few “resort casino liners” that travel the space ways. His real credit cow is his league of fighting arenas known as TTD (To the Death) Entertainment. It stages gladiator style competitions such as blaster battles, sword fights, armed swoop races, “man vs beast” battles, and anything else the Hutt can think of. Its also runs several sports including Death Row (basketball like game played with razor sharp frisbees), Blood Bowl (football type game with same species teams and lots of carnage), and even a no weapons wrestling league. One of the more popular leagues is Zhellday Night Combat, a program in which teams shoot each other while trying to achieve certain objectives. While not all contests end in death those with the threat of death tend to be the most popular (and lucrative). The shows takes place at countless arenas across the galaxy and never stays in one place for long. The price for attending a TTD showing live can be as much as several thousand credits and its almost always the hottest ticket on the planet when it arrives. Due to its nature, the viewing of the program is illegal on many worlds, meaning beings often pay large fees for personal tight-beam transmissions.

Squatcha the Hutt

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