Raynaud Moroe

Hot and sexy brother of Vashna. Claims to be a pretty good slicer. Used to do recreational drugs and frequently gets in trouble. Also modeled underwear in the past.


Raynaud moroe


Reynaud recently shipped himself to his sister via cryo-chamber. Vashna was not all that happy to see him when he arrived. He assured her that he has turned over a new leaf and quit doing drugs,though he is still wanted by Teemo the Hutt for stealing a large sum of credits and making him look foolish. Captain Sitara gave him a conditional arrangement in which he has one month to prove his worth or they will drop him on the next planet they happen to stop on.

Rad, as he likes to be called, is generally laid back and a very easy going guy. He used to date Alri and was actually the one who got her hooked on glitterstim. She has a great deal of hostility towards him for these past events. Vash still seems to care about her brother, but is afraid he will cause strife on the ship and possible put the crew in danger because of his mischievous ways. Sitara and Clint are weary of him at best.

Raynaud Moroe

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