Patrick MaKellin (Mac)

Mac is the bartender and manager of the pub "The Grand Design" on Travnin. He is a smooth talker who always has a witty pun or comment for any situation, though he is always a gentelman with the ladies.


Patrick ma kellin

He was a very successful trader in the old days, but has retired due to age and now lives a simpler life. He has a wealth of information on the sector and often hears of jobs that need reliable crews to carry out. He has become friends with Vashna Moroe (after she made a pass at him: which he declined because he is married) and often gives the crew info that saves them time and credits. His wife is younger than him and by all accounts quite attractive.

He hails from Thera, the capitol planet of the UNSC. He often tells of the splendor of New Britannia, the region in which he grew up.


Patrick MaKellin (Mac)

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