Gavin Stroud

Gavin is a suave black market trader on Eliad. This no small feet considering the Imperial prescence on the planet.




He met the crew during Duke Atridies party and then got to know Arlandria personally during the shooting contest. They had some drinks afterwards and he agreed to give her the winnings from the contest, including Basil’s release, if she would smuggle a crate off the planet and into UNSC space for him. The deal was agreed to just as Squatcha’s bounty hunter arrived. During the players escape he helped out by grabbing Alri’s comlink before she was taken and telling them where the bounty hunters ships were stationed. Though the players didn’t run into him again, Vashna did find out he slipped away from the Duke’s estate and was not detained by Imperial Forces as the rest of the guests were. The crate to be smuggled did arrive just as Vashna herself got back to the Turtle Hawk. Duke Atradies helped her get through customs without the normal inspection in space.

Gavin Stroud

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