Duke Leeto Atradies

The Duke is a noble and handsome man. He is well spoken and comes from a long lines of rulers of the old republic.




The Empire took over the Duke’s former home world when he was just a boy and his family was forced to locate to Eliad like many other royal families. He grew up like many other nobles on this planet, rich and care free. He spends most of his time hosting parties or looking for some interesting way to spend his immense wealth. He and the other nobles are not allowed to leave the planet by order of the Empire. This is strictly enforced and every outgoing ship is searched as it leaves atmosphere. He and Vashna recently had an adventure as they escaped bounty hunters that showed up at one of his parties looking for the crew of the Turtle Hawk. Ultimately she got him out unharmed and he gave her some heavy weapons to assist in the rescue of her friends. When the group went back to Eliad to return the Dukes priceless set of ancient Mandalorian Battel Armor, he invented Vashna and the others to go on a holiday with him to the crystal seas in northern Eliad. The crew took a rain check and said they would return when had some free time.

Duke Leeto Atradies

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