Chordak is physically average for a Rodian in most respects, except for having a snout just a bit shorter and skin a shade darker than average.


Chordak is an independent freighter captain that the party encountered in the Grand Design. He was apparently upset with the Captain Sitara for taking what he considered his Imperial shipping contract.

Chordak is known for being somewhat more refined than the average Rodian—while most Rodians had no problem with killing for the sake of killing, Chordak had little taste for it. Still, while more cultured than the average Rodian, Chordak had no problem in engaging in a little violence, and when he does so he is said to be merciless and unyielding.


Chordaks ship, the Oo-Ta Goo-Ta, is a modified Eminence Transport. Known as one of the fastest ships in the Minos Cluster, Chordak hoped to catch the attention of the Galactic Empire with his ship and receive more valuable Imperial assignments like the regular run to the prison to Gesaril.




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