Bura Ban

Bura Ban is an aging Twilik. He has seen better days and recently has his left lekku was cut off by a vicious bunty hunter. He now wears a hood most of the time to cover his scars. Ban is very quiet and keeps mostly to himself after recent events.


Species twilek male c


Bura Ban once lead a sort of uprising on his home world of Ryloth. He rallied his fellow Twiliks and they took over and ran several mines of their own accord and avoided being exploited as the rest of their planet so often is. For awhile this worked, though some said these revolutionaries were little better than the thugs gangs they replaced. However, a highly organized group moved in and Ban’s organization came under heavy pressure. Bura Ban himself was kidnapped and brutalized. The crew of the Turtle Hawk inadvertently rescued him when they stole a bounty hunter’s freighter. He was very greatly and said he could reward the crew if they returned him safely to Ryloth. Both Ban and players suspect Squatcha the Hutt is behind the most recent troubles on Ryloth.

Bura Ban

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