Basil Whitworth

Basil is a timid, but loyal butler the crew met in Duke Atradies manor.




Basil was the butler assigned to Arlandria for the night the crew stayed before the big party. She showed him a night of hedonistic pleasure the likes of which he did not know. Later, she secured his release in a shooting contest with the Duke and Gavin Stroud. Basil did his best to aid the crew in their escape after Squatcha the Hutt’s bounty hunters showed up. He was very concerned about Arli and was quite relieved when Sitara and Clint managed to save her. He did live through the evening and ended up leaving the planet with Vashna on the Turtle Hawk. He is currently staying in Arli’s bunk. Whether or not he will become a permanent member of the crew is yet to be seen, though the crew has noticed the ship has never been cleaner nor the meals tastier…

Basil Whitworth

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