Babel Torcsh

A pudgy and dark-skinned human.


Babel was appointed as the head of the Imperial Customs office in the Minos Cluster after his success campaign against the Holovid and violent entertainment industries on Ardalon. He was so successful it caused wealthy individuals on the planet to ban together and bribe or black mail Babels superiors into releasing him from his position. He excels at his new Imperial position and has no tolerance for the slightest infraction. Under his direction smuggling has decreased by an estimated 20% in the sector at large. He claims he could reduce this number even further if he was given more fleet resources and personnel, but the sector forces are already stretched thin as is it and the Moff is reluctant to hand over power to someone who is not from the traditional line of command. His meticulous ways hve made him well known for uncovering hidden Rebel agents and corrupt Imperial officers.



Babel Torcsh

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