• Arlandria Loren'fey

    Arlandria Loren'fey

    Arlandria is a charismatic young Bothan. She has an addiciton to the drug glitter stim which sometimes causes problems . She is free spirited and often looks for pleasure and excitment when ever she gets the chance. She handles the black market deals
  • Clint


    He hopes to shoot some shit someday....
  • Sitara


    Captain of the Turtle hawk
  • Vashna Moroe

    Vashna Moroe

    Vashna is a "tuff as nails" gun-for-hire from Ryloth. She had a rough childhood and is all the stronger for it. She knows her way around just about every blaster in the galaxy. She also likes to have sex... for money.
  • Babel Torcsh

    Babel Torcsh

    A pudgy and dark-skinned human.
  • Basil Whitworth

    Basil Whitworth

    Basil is a timid, but loyal butler the crew met in Duke Atradies manor.
  • Bura Ban

    Bura Ban

    Bura Ban is an aging Twilik. He has seen better days and recently has his left lekku was cut off by a vicious bunty hunter. He now wears a hood most of the time to cover his scars. Ban is very quiet and keeps mostly to himself after recent events.
  • Captain Rock

    Captain Rock

    Handsome and charismatic liutenant of the Galactic Saints. He is totally over the top, as many Saints are, and even plays his own theme song over the comms when he first hails other ships.
  • Chordak


    Chordak is physically average for a Rodian in most respects, except for having a snout just a bit shorter and skin a shade darker than average.
  • Commander Trillon

    Commander Trillon

    Trillon is a competent middle aged officer serving in the Sector Command Centor on Travnin. He is in charge of Imperial shipping security and takes his job very seriously.
  • Corky Hall

    Corky Hall

    Smart and cute human engineer.
  • Duke Leeto Atradies

    Duke Leeto Atradies

    The Duke is a noble and handsome man. He is well spoken and comes from a long lines of rulers of the old republic.
  • Gavin Stroud

    Gavin Stroud

    Gavin is a suave black market trader on Eliad. This no small feet considering the Imperial prescence on the planet.
  • Jassa Pawnee

    Jassa Pawnee

    Fellow free trader the group ran into during a pirate raid. She had a fast powerful little ship, the Silver Fox, and helped out alot. She didnt' stick around to small talk.
  • Kel Nareem

    Kel Nareem

    Kel is spunky Bothan Noble that made of with her father's freighter. She hopes to make a name for her self across the stars.
  • Lissana Cribdul

    Lissana Cribdul

    A young physically fit officer marooned on a jungle planet.
  • Major Paval Lannister

    Major Paval Lannister

    Paval Lannister is an Imperical inteligence officer in the Minos Cluster. He is condesending and arrogant, but also very good at his job. Mainly, finding and eliminating threats to the Empire in whatever form they may be hidden.
  • Neena


    Neena is a 19 year old human female. She is universally described as "cute" by others. She has an impish nature that is enduring to those she meets. She can usually smile her way into virtually anyones heart.
  • Patrick MaKellin (Mac)

    Patrick MaKellin (Mac)

    Mac is the bartender and manager of the pub "The Grand Design" on Travnin. He is a smooth talker who always has a witty pun or comment for any situation, though he is always a gentelman with the ladies.
  • Ray Ray

    Ray Ray

    Ray Ray is a rodian drug dealer of low reguard. He dresses nice for a rodain and has failry smooth, calm demenor.
  • Raynaud Moroe

    Raynaud Moroe

    Hot and sexy brother of Vashna. Claims to be a pretty good slicer. Used to do recreational drugs and frequently gets in trouble. Also modeled underwear in the past.
  • Squatcha the Hutt

    Squatcha the Hutt

    Squatch is a crime lord who lives on Nal Hutta. He is the loan shark the players used to aquire the money for thier ship, the Turtle Hawk.
  • Technek Snick

    Technek Snick

    Techel is a Toydarian black marketeer and middleman. He has a swuave greasy tone is always lookign to make a profit at anyone's expense. He is known to keep several body guards on hand to "deal with problems".
  • The Doctor

    The Doctor

    A strange and fast talking space traveler.
  • Tink Tink

    Tink Tink

    Spunky little Jawa the PCs saved from a bounty hunters ship.
  • Tor Skylow

    Tor Skylow

    Ruthless leader of the pirate gang known as the Phase Hunters. She is known to be a harsh and demainding captain. She is a slender middle aged woman with striking features and a bad temper.
  • Wheetoo "Spice" Malange

    Wheetoo "Spice" Malange

    Wheetoo is a sweet Rodian pimp the gang ran into in The Grand Design. He's a small time criminal who offers simple jobs like "collecting debts" and farring his "ladies" around. Occansionally he lines up ligitimate freight jobs as well.
  • Zane Adams

    Zane Adams

    Zane is Vamperan from the planet Vamp. He is a strong willed and quick acting person, often charging headlong into fights. He is not above underhanded tactics if he thinks it will give him an advantage.